Sports Medicine

Soft tissue injuries

The majority of disorders can be treated initially without surgery.

Shoulder: Injuries to the rotator cuff, shoulder separations, labral tears, throwing injuries, bursitis, shoulder dislocations or instability

Elbow: Tennis elbow, golf elbow, biceps tears, throwing injuries, ulnar collateral ligament injury, bursitis, loose bodies

Hip: impingement, strains, labral tears, loose bodies, bursitis, tendon tears

Knee: ACL tears, PCL tears, meniscus tears, cartilage injury, loose bodies, patellofemoral syndrome, MCL/LCL sprains

Foot/Ankle: Stress fractures, loose bodies, cartilage defects, sprains

  • Procedures: Injection, arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction
  • Physicians: Dr. Guehlstorf