The JOURNEY DEUCE, an exciting new alternative to total knee replacement

Because of the new technology used in the JOURNEY DEUCE system, patients with knee arthritis isolated to just part of their knee–thought to be as many as 70% of knee replacement patients–now have an “early intervention” surgical option to end their debilitating pain.

This minimally invasive partial knee replacement provides many potential benefits for patients, including:

  • The preservation of healthy, non-arthritic bone that would otherwise be sacrificed during total knee replacement. In fact, the procedure allows for the preservation of a full 50% of the bone traditionally removed during total knee replacement.
  • Your ACL and PCL (anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament) are preserved. These ligaments provide natural stability during physical activity, such as walking, climbing stairs or simply standing up from a seated position. Patients who have received a traditional total knee replacement often notice a difference in stability during these activities.

KEY FACT: If the JOURNEY DEUCE implant needs to be replaced later in life, it can be swapped out for a regular, or “primary,” knee replacement implant rather than a larger, more invasive total knee “revision” system.

JOURNEY DEUCE System Benefits Compared to Traditional Total Knee Replacement

  1. A potentially smaller incision
  2. Preservation of all ligaments of the knee
  3. Preservation of bone that would otherwise be removed during total knee
    replacement surgery
  4. Decreased blood loss
  5. Decreased post-operative pain
  6. Reduced post-operative medication
  7. Faster rehab/recovery time

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a candidate for this surgery?

The JOURNEY DEUCE procedure may be a viable treatment option if you have arthritis in only two of the three compartments of your
knee – most likely the patellofemoral and medial (inside) compartments. When only these portions of the joint are damaged, and your surgeon has determined that you have adequate ligament stability, he or she may opt to replace only this diseased portion of your knee. The healthy compartment remains untouched.

Can I resume my normal activities?

Most patients can resume normal activities following the minimally invasive JOURNEY DEUCE procedure once they have regained adequate strength and flexibility, and their surgeon has released them to begin normal activities. However, any activity that results in repetitive joint trauma such as running, jumping or twisting should be avoided. Most patients who have
recovered from this procedure have returned to such activities as golf, doubles tennis, dancing, swimming or gardening.

How long will my knee implant last?

It is very difficult to predict the lifespan of any individual knee implant. However, a good surgical technique and accurate instrumentation, combined with proper patient selection and postoperative compliance, improve the chances of achieving years of pain free physicalactivity.


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